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Iconic straight hair like Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz is not a delusion anymore! Your fantasy can move towards your hand with Karmin Flat Irons. In this 2017, with high-tech features and superb design Karmin brings you to flat irons that will style up and straighten your hair into superbly polished, endearingly glossy and startlingly silk-smooth keeping the hair utterly damage-free!

Karmin the Brand: Leader of Iron-World

Launched in 2003, Karmin, the brand has made its dwelling among the leading brands of flat irons. No more holding the iron straight over the hair to get straights! Now straightening hair is stress-free with Karmin Flat Irons. This brand offers you with avant-garde technologies, high-temperature settings, radical attachments, swift outcomes, comprehensive safety, and eye-catching appearance with multi-functionality (straightening with curls and other hairdos.) In the alteration of you currency it delivers you QUALITY, what can you need more! For more info, you can visit karmin flat iron official website.

Why Picking up Karmin: Features and Technologies

Adjustable Temperature Settings

 Temperature System Of Karmin Flat Iron
Karmin has got variable temperature settings for all hair types. No matter if you are of naturally straight hair, curly hair, coarse hair, thick hair, thin hair or whatever, these irons will get you into perfect straights in a few seconds. Almost all the Karmin Flat Irons can be heated up to above 200 degree Celsius (410 degrees Fahrenheit.) Some of the Karmin Flat Irons like Karmin G3 Saloon Pro or Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener New V2 Model can go up to respectively 450 degrees Fahrenheit and 460 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum temperature of Karmin Flat Irons is 80 degree Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit.)

So, if you have thin hair or hair that is easy to straight (naturally straight hair), then you can turn up to low-temperature settings. But if you have got coarse hair, thick hair or hair that is tough to straight the select high temperature. It is to be mentioned that try not to go beyond 400 degree Fahrenheit which more or less destroys hair. Keep the temperature under 400 degrees Fahrenheit and have patience while straightening.

Material of Plates

Karmin has some products that are made of pure ceramic and some of the products are made of pure Titanium. But you will be glad to know that Karmin now does not use one individual material in their barrel plates, rather they use the mixed technology of ceramic and titanium or ceramic and tourmaline to supply a better outcome for damage-free movable straight hair. Classifying in this way, Karmin Flat Irons run four different combinations of material for iron plates.

  • Pure Ceramic: Ceramic the most traditional element for the barrels of the flat iron. Karmin uses ceramic technology in some of their irons to get even heat distribution. It does not burn your hair. Ideal for medium to thick hair, this ceramic barrel will provide you long-lasting straights. The Karmin Salon Series Pure Professional Hair Straightener is made of pure ceramic.
  • Pure Titanium: Coming to Titanium, it is the choice of professionals. You can use pure titanium barrels in normal to thick and coarse hair. Titanium irons are so lightweight which will attract the travelers, and of course, the sturdiness of it can amaze everybody. But these barrels damages hair too much if you keep it in your hair excessively. The Karmin New V2 Model is made of pure Titanium.
  • Ceramic Technology with Titanium Plates: Karmin Flat Irons bear Ceramic Technology combined with Titanium Plates which is known as one of the best material for barrel plates of irons. The work of ceramic barrels is making hair straight by distributing proper heat to the hair. The Titanium along with Ceramic allocates sufficient heat to the hair for making long-lasting straights and ensures that heat has been circulated everywhere or not. Karmin Professional Black Titanium Flat Iron, Karmin KM400p Titanium Flat Iron and almost all of the flat irons of Karmin uses ceramic plates for enduring straights.
  • Ceramic Plates with Tourmaline: The latest technology that has blessed the iron world is Tourmaline Ceramic Plates for providing the ensuing smooth appearance. With an ultra-consistent flat ceramic surface, the tourmaline crystals confirm the heat transmission and salvation that is required for securely gripping hair, stopping hair from frying and finally straightening.

The tourmaline ceramic heaters of the Karmin Irons produce a heavy-duty stream of heat with equal distribution. Every single hair acquires optimal and idyllic heat to get compressed and flattened. Tourmaline Ceramic is the dominant amalgamation till date that attests transmission of heat with most satisfactory upshots. The Karmin G3 Salon Pro is made of Tourmaline combined with Ceramic technology.

Infrared Heat Technology

Infrared Heat Technology Of Karmin Flat Iron
The plates of Karmin Flat Irons possess the legendary Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Technology which is estimated to combat dry and frizz hair by forming hair that is glossy, smooth and shiny. Infrared heat is the moisture saving hi-tech tool, and with micro-porous technology, the irons make their trade by fighting the ion which is the base of frizz-hair. Along with this, it conserves the consciousness too small to upset the smooth surface and if gaining healthy straight is the principal apprehension then with Karmin Tourmaline Ceramic Technology instead of damage and appallingly burnt fragrance the hair fixes into glittery, silky and flexible straight hair.

Flash Quick Heat-Up

Karmin Flat Irons possesses quick flash heat-up where you get your iron heated up in just 30 seconds or less. In this age of haste, it is the best idea to get such an iron that heats up quickly in few seconds. It saves time and makes you ready in less than minutes.

360-degree Rotating Swivel Cord

360-degree Rotating Swivel Cord Of Karmin Flat Iron
This brand delivers you iron that has an easy-to-use cord which is tangled free. Almost all the flats iron of this brand are 3 meters long which assist you using it from no matter how remote the socket is from you. The Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush has 6ft long swivel cord that makes your work stress-free than ever. Nearly every irons have got 360-degree swivel cord so that you can rotate it easily.

Worldwide Voltage

One of the well-known problems that the users of hair irons face is voltage-problem. People of USA or others cannot use the appliance and use the devices with adapter can destroy it entirely, despite being the best product the buyers cannot but it. Here, Karmin comes to aid of it and arranges Dual voltage (100-240V) Flat Iron for worldwide usage. Now wherever you are residing or traveling, you can use Karmin Flat Irons to straighten your hair anywhere.

Auto Shut-off Feature

People nowadays are busy with stuff, and for lack of attention, they keep the irons switched on after using which can be the reason of a dangerous accident. For the people of this category, Karmin added auto shut-off feature, and with this, the iron will be automatically shut-off after 60 minutes.


Multi-Operative System Of Karmin Flat Iron
The Flat Iron of Karmin is said to be all-rounder because of their multi-operative ability. A flat iron is imagined to straighten your hair, but an iron that not only straights your hair but also has the same ability to do big curls, flicks, flips, spirals, adding volume. Though it is for sure that Karmin does not do curls, flick or flips as professionally as the curlers do, but for going out to classes, dates, and hangouts, these flat irons can assure you with quite good results as a multi-tasking device.

Safe Handling

The Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush has been designed with heat resistant material which will save you from any unnecessary occurrence. While ironing iron people usually burn hand if they are unconscious but this problem gets a solution with this technology, and if you are a callous person then this is the iron you were searching for.


Display Feature Of Karmin Flat Iron
Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Brush Straightener has a digital display which will help you to see the temperature settings and other stuff. This is to adjust the settings as per your desire.


For the users of a product, durability is one of the facts before buying and no matter how good the device works if it can be broken or destroyed and if it doesn’t last long then the device is of no use. Karmin Hair Irons run three long years warranty for every product which itself is the evidence of what quality Karmin stands for. All the flat irons are made of enduring material, and if the device stretches you any difficulty, then Karmin will handle all of it as it has three years warranty.

Why You Shouldn’t Pick-up Karmin: Weak Aspects

Barrel Size

The main trouble which Karmin users face is the concern regarding Barrel Diameter. Karmin flat iron provides only two sizes of the barrel.

  • 1 Inch: Medium (These Irons can also go for Short Hair)
  • 1.5 Inch: Long Hair (Only Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener offers 1.5-inch barrel)

The 1 Inch barrel is the most popular barrel for hair straightening, and almost all the Karmin Flat Irons supply 1 Inch barrel. Only Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener delivers 1.5 Inch barrel for long hair.

There are also other barrel diameters.

Short HairMedium HairLong Hair
0.5 Inch1.25 Inch
0.375 Inch (3/8 Inch)1 Inch1.5 Inch
0.75 Inch1.75 Inch

But Karmin only conveys 1 Inch and 1.5 Inch barrels, and this is one of the principal negative aspects of Karmin Flat Irons.


This is a fact that for a better quality you need to pay more. But for some customers, the price of the Karmin Flat Irons are too high to buy even if they wanted to get one.

Categorization of Launched Karmin Flat Irons

Examining and researching the names of Karmin Flat Iron, you will get to know about two different categories of irons.

Titanium Series Hair Straightener

Karmin Titanium Series Flat Iron
Titanium Series include the flat iron that Karmin has launched previously and these irons have done its business perfectly. The titanium series irons are still topper of the iron world but if you see it competing with the latest technology and that other irons offer then it will fall short in some cases, such as the titanium series irons do not proposes infrared heat, ionic technology, and tourmaline ceramic. Though the New V2 model provides auto shut-off feature but without tourmaline plates along with micro- porous hair damage is obvious.

Salon Series Hair Straightener

Salon series is the latest series of Karmin Flat Irons still now. If you come to differentiate between Titanium and Salon series then it can straightforwardly be perceived that Salon Series leads having Ceramic Floating Plates or Ceramic Tourmaline Plates for even and quick heat distribution, Infrared Technology for avoiding heat damage, and automatic shut-off feature for preventing an accident.

In the “Top 3 Karmin Flat Iron Review” article, we have explained all the good and bad models of Karmin brand.

Recommended Products

  • Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener- New V2 Model
  • Karmin Salon Series Pure Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener – 1-inch/1.5-inch
  • Karmin G3 Salon Pro

Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener- New V2 Model

Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener- New V2 Model

Why we love it

  • Such like the previous models this flat iron features infrared technology and ionic technology to lock moisture in the hair and remove static.
  • Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener New V2 model bears some more technology than the other Titanium Series Straighteners of Karmin. It is a Titanium Straightener featuring ceramic heat technology for the security of damaged hair. When pure titanium is used in damaged hair, then your hair can be damaged more. But Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener New V2 model has ceramic added to protect you damaged hair.
  • It has a worldwide voltage which means the user can use it in any country and that somehow makes sense. Many people were facing the problem of not being able to use the devices worldwide even at the time of traveling.
  • For a new feature of automatic shut-off after 55 minutes made the device less risky to use. If it is hastily set on, then it will turn itself off after 55 minutes.
  • For coarse, super curly and thick hair it is tough to straight them will low temperature, so adding up more temperature up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit opened the door of new hope.

Karmin Salon Series Pure Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener

Karmin Salon Series Pure Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener

Why we love it

  • This iron features 100% wholesome ceramic plates with ionic technology which results in glossier, healthier and silkier strands. With the ceramic floating plates, the user can simply curl, flip, wave, flick, and add volume and most outstandingly straight the hair.
  • This Iron has a digital display that will help you see what settings you have selected and what the iron is up to. This Salon Series Straightener gives you Professional graded far infrared ceramic heating material for flash-quick heating.
  • Temperature ranging from 230 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit it can straighten thick, thin, coarse, curly- all kind of hair.
  • 1-hour auto shut-off makes it safe when you are in a hurry, and 3-meter heavy-duty cord with rotating technology makes is tranquil for you to straight hair comfortably.
  • A worldwide voltage ranging 100-240V helps you to use it in any country. Frizz-free hair with three years warranty- that’s all a Professional Straightener need to be!

You get this professional salon series iron in 2 different barrel sizes.

  • 1-inch Barrel: Suits perfectly in medium and short hair
  • 1.5-inch Barrel: Suits impeccably in long hair

Karmin G3 Salon Pro

Karmin G3 Salon Pro 5 different colors Flat Iron

Why we love it

  • Innovative solid tourmaline floating plates and Far Infrared Ion field technology shows that this multi-tasking iron is the best of all.
  • Coming in 5 different colors (black, white, pink, purple and teal) the Karmin G3 is such a product from Karmin that is leading the flat-iron world today.
  • Slim handle for ease of use with anti-slip edges and 3 meters long 360-degree rotating swivel cord makes it the selection of your comfort zone.
  • 30-second heat-up (250-60 degree Fahrenheit) with a drop safe and auto shut-off tech makes it the appliance for the girl who’s on the go.
  • It has flashlight added and this light-weighted device is travel-friendly for the dual voltage feature and heat-mat/carrying case.

Some Non-recommended products

  • Karmin KM4000P Titanium Flat Iron
  • Karmin Professional Black Titanium Flat Iron

Why we dislike it

These irons lag and nose-dives behind in the rivalry because of the retroactive and backdated technologies they bear.

  • Use of Pure Titanium which damages already damaged hair.
  • Absence of Infrared Heat and Ionic Technology
  • No Auto Shut-off Feature
  • No Worldwide Voltage
  • Absence of Flash Quick Heating

The non-recommended products are the same price, but they will not provide you with all these updated features and technologies which the recommended products will afford. So we don’t think you are going to pay the same currency for less delivered technologies and excellence.

Overall Observation

If talking about barrel size then long hair can also be straightened by Karmin Irons if used with patience, you will have to afford a little more time for that.

The products of Karmin may seem overpriced but if you want a professional flat iron for damage protected enduring straight strands with three long years warranty then rather than a misapplication of money the price would appear as an investment to you.

Other than problems concerning being expensive and small barrel size, and regarding the technology, design, attachment, quality and damage-free output – the products of Karmin stands in the first row of the best flat irons. You can buy the products of Karmin; hopefully, they will not disappoint you.


The bad hair days are gone with the Karmin babies, as for the travelers, and short hair girls Karmin offers Karmin G3 Salon Pro and for long hair and professional hairdos, Karmin Salon Series Pure Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener is the guideline. Frizz-free hair with the super glossy finish and revolutionary technology, Karmin is the brand of their word!

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