Karmin KM4000P Titanium Flat Iron 1 Inch
Karmin is one of the most acknowledged hair product brands in this 2017. As Karmin has launched products that equal their standard, they have also produced products that failed in the race. Karmin KM4000p Titanium Flat Iron is such one. It has 1-inch Titanium Plates which includes the combination of ceramic and ionic technology. Having the Ultra Hard Mirror soft plates and infrared heat the iron can remove static easily. When it was launched, it was one of the best irons of straightening hair.

But as we say, no technology lasts forever, the same thing applies to the Karmin Km400p Titanium Flat Iron. New and advanced technology has beaten the supremacy of this iron.

Product Specification

Model NameKarmin KM400p Titanium Flat Iron
Manufacturer BrandKarmin
Function Straightening And Curling
Barrel Size1 Inch
Plate Material Titanium
Temperature Range176-410 Degrees F
CordSwivel Cord
Voltage Single Voltage (US Voltage 100-120V)
Sleep ModeNo Auto Sleep Mode
Weight11.2 Ounces
Warranty 3 Years

Negative Aspects

  • Has no heat resistant material for safe handling
  • Has no auto shut-off feature
  • Excessive fast heat-up for Titanium can cause damage to hair
  • Not so good for thin Hair
  • 410 degree Fahrenheit is not enough for African Kinky Hair

Absence of Safety

Users pay for their products and it should be the concern of the Brand to take care of the safety of users. This Titanium Iron falls short in this case. The handle they provide with their flat iron is not able to resist heat and as the iron gets heated up fast so does the handle. If you hold it to straight your hair it seems difficult to hold it appropriately. The buyers complain that it gets too hot to burn the fingers.

No Auto Shut-off Feature

The Karmin KM400P has no auto shut-off feature which is certainly needed in this hectic schedule. People nowadays forget to shut off the iron and keeps it on so having no auto sleep mode can cause damage to the iron if it is kept on. Likewise, accidents can happen for this inaccuracy of the device.

Damage through Titanium

The company promises damage-free hair, but thinking about the titanium, it is not so easy to believe. Ceramic which is generally used for flat irons can cause you severe hair damage. Titanium causes a little less damage than ceramic, but when it is compared with Tourmaline, it cannot beat it! Yes, Tourmaline is much better material to provide you less damage where Titanium damages more than Tourmaline.

Not Worthy for Thin Hair

The Karmin is said to be one of the best brands for straightening hair but the Karmin KM400p Titanium Flat Iron does not work that much good when it comes to thin hair.

Low Temperature

The new models of Karmin have 460 degrees Fahrenheit but this model lags behind with 410 degrees Fahrenheit which is no enough to straight kinky hair as like the Africans.

Some worthy sides of Karmin KM400p Titanium Flat Iron

  • Ultra Hard Mirror soft titanium plate surface
  • Negative iron and infrared which heat removes static
  • Temperature runs from 176 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
Karmin KM4000p Titanium Flat Iron
Karmin KM4000p Titanium Hair Straightener 1Inch

Product Name: Karmin KM4000p Titanium Flat Iron

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Karmin KM400P has too many inaccuracies than any other flat irons of Karmin. Karmin has launched better technologies than of this and if you are smart enough then you should not waste money on this backdated product. Rather you can invest on the newer model Karmin G3 Salon Pro to get a better outcome, this iron will solve the problems concerning the previous version.

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