Karmin Professional Black Titanium Hair Straightener
Karmin being the top brand iron in the world has some unsuccessful products in their box too. Karmin Professional Titanium Flat Iron is nearly a professional hair straightener that will provide you with straight strands such like a pro but in the case of technology and material- somewhere it cannot run the race of best irons of today.

Product Specification

Model NameKarmin Professional Black Titanium Flat Iron
Manufacturer BrandKarmin
Function Straightening And Curling
Barrel Size1 Inch
Plate Material Titanium
Temperature Range176-410 Degrees F
CordSwivel Cord
Voltage Single Voltage (US Voltage 100-120V)
Sleep ModeNo Auto Sleep Mode
Weight 11.2 Ounces
Warranty 3 Years

Negative Aspects

  • Uses Titanium instead of Tourmaline
  • No automatic sleep mode
  • No worldwide voltage
  • No anti-slip edges
  • Expensive

Use of Titanium and Absence of Tourmaline

The Karmin Professional Titanium Flat Iron uses Titanium where the newest material of flat iron is Tourmaline that damages less and protects hair more than Titanium. Using Titanium in the hair that is already damaged and too much thin can cause adversative consequence, Titanium should be used on hair that is already damage-free.

No Auto Shut-off Feature

This Karmin flat iron fails to provide proper safety to the buyers as it does not have an auto sleep mode. Auto shut-off nowadays has been vital criteria in user’s mind and as they often keep their irons on so they prefer to have the iron shut by itself after some time.

No Worldwide Voltage

One of the fundamental points of being in the best irons list is featuring worldwide voltage. Worldwide or dual voltage means you can use the product in any country you want. For the travel lovers or people who reside in a different country cannot agree to buy this iron because it is unable to use all over the world. Using it with an adapter can entirely destroy the device.

No Anti-slip edges

This straightening iron does not have anti-slip edges and so when using it the hair gets stuck on the edges of the iron that makes in uncomfortable to use. The handle of the flat iron is too much uncomfortable to hold and do straightening.


The chief problem with this Karmin Professional Titanium Flat Iron is it is too much expensive for the buyers. We believe that this iron works like a professional flat iron and takes care of hair just like a pro, but it fails in many newer technologies. Lacking the latest technology this iron by Karmin should not be this much high priced for the buyer to buy.

Some worthy sides of Karmin Professional Titanium Flat Iron

  • Negative Ion Field Infrared Technology which removes static
  • Flash-quick heating
  • Tangle free swivel cord
Karmin Professional Black Titanium Flat Iron
Karmin Professional Black Titanium Flat Iron 1Inch

Product Name: Karmin Professional Black Titanium Flat Iron

Product Description: Please see the above product specification.

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  • 2/10
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Karmin Professional Titanium Flat Iron has many negative sides such as the absence of auto shut-off feature, dual voltage, and some other stuff so this flat iron flops in the competition. According to our recommendation, you can buy Karmin G3 Salon Pro which solves all the difficulties regarding this flat iron. You would not like to spend the same cash over any less professional product, so it will be a cleverer verdict to choose the most recent Karmin G3 Salon Pro model to get your perfect straights and you get this iron in almost in the equivalent price range.

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