Karmin Salon Series Flat iron
Straights and curls with the same iron, smooth and splendidly glossy outcome for both long and short hair

Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener is counted as the most desirable straighter for forming glossy straights. This straightener secures its place in the leading tools of hair straightening nowadays because it has the ability to defense damage, has dual functionality (creates straights and curls) and owns radical technologies.

Comparing to other low-cost and cheap irons, this flat iron will itself show you the difference of quality it provides.

Product Specification

Model NameKarmin Salon Series Hair Straightener
Manufacturer BrandKarmin
Function Straightening And Curling
Barrel Size1 Inch, 1.5 Inch
ColorBlack, White
Plate Material Pure Ceramic
Temperature Range230-450 degrees F
CordSwivel Cord
Voltage Dual Voltage (100-240V)
Sleep ModeAuto Sleep Mode
Weight 1.7 Ounces
Warranty 3 Years

Why is it Salon Series

Coming up with the loyalty to its name Salon Series, this Karmin iron does the best as a Salon Straightener. With this striking flat iron, you will get enduring and perfect straights with shiny sleek hair. The most imperative thing is this is a multi-functional tool that straights hair, curls hair and adds volume and that’s what makes it the choice of the professionals and the choice of the Salon!
Chart Of Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener
Let’s analyze Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener from the following opinions and score all the parts so that a neutral, rational and impersonal evaluation can be accomplished.

Functional perspective

  • Hair Straightening
  • Hair curling
  • Adding Volume

Karmin Salon Series Hair straightener is a champion for straightening hair and styling. Styling mean it does not only styles up hair into straight, this baby steps ahead by curling your hair into small curls, big curls, flicks and flips, C-shaped hair and also adding up the volume! Forming all hairdos for you this all-in-one straightener becomes a multi-functioning flat iron. That’s a reason for getting 5 out of 5 in the functional standard.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, functionally impressive

Design angle

Design angle Of Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener

Positive phases

  • 2 Barrel sizes (1 Inch and 1.5 Inch)
  • Digital display
  • Comes with 2 different colors
  • Lightweight and slim design, easy to operate
  • Heavy duty 3-meter swivel cord
  • Dual voltage for using it in any country
  • The 1/1.5 inch floating plates cannot only style hair most notably into straight but also into big curls, small curls, beach waves, flicks, C-shaped hair etc.

Negative phases

  • The 3-meter long swivel cord gets twisted
  • Many people so not like the formal black and white color

These irons offer you 2 different barrel sizes for a different length of hair.

  • 1-inch barrel: For short and medium hair
  • 1.5-inch barrel: For long hair

Almost all the Karmin flat irons provide 1 Inch barrel for straightening which is well-to-do for short or medium hair. Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener also provides 1 Inch barrel for short and medium hair. Short or medium hair can be straightened with a small iron effortlessly because you can easily cover the length of the hair with a small iron in less time. But when you have long hair it becomes tough to straight them with a small iron of 1 Inch barrel because a small iron takes more time to cover the full hair than a larger iron. If you get the 1.5 Inch Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener for long hair then you can straight the long hair in less time and at the same time, you can also save your valuable time and energy.

This baby has been designed for make straightening work easier and so the digital display suits the idea. You can effortlessly see what settings (temperature settings or the iron is switched off or not) you have chosen and what is the iron up to.

Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener comes in two different formal color – black and white. As it is made for the salon so the colors were chosen to be official colors.

This Salon Series Flat Iron is lightweight that makes it travel-friendly and easy to operate, and the slim handle and body will make it comfortable to grip.

The heavy duty 3-meter cord helps you to walk around and straight your hair and you don’t need to stay in a place for perfect straights. The cord is swivel which means it can be rotated which makes it movable for you at any angle. The worldwide voltage makes it travel-friendly.

This iron has got floating plates that moves just enough for getting able to flex. This freedom permits the two sides of the iron to adjust and modify based on the angle for getting as near to each other as possible. The nearer the sides of these plates get, the more you’ll be capable of compressing the hair appropriately. With the better grip of floating plates, you can also curl the hair.

The 3-meter long cord some time gets twisted and a twisted cord is difficult to use. This iron comes only in official black and white color for salon usage. But some people likes vibrant colors other than black or white.

Overall View of Design Angle

The swivel cord of 3 meters is not tangled free. You have to accept that sometimes the cord can be twisted. Karmin may launch other colored Salon Series Straightener in future but you have to be satisfied with these two colors now.

Nothing can be perfect but being imperfectly perfect is also a style.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4.5/5, Sophisticated design

Technical attitude

Positive Phases

  • Pure Ceramic Floating Plates
  • Far Infrared ceramic heater (removes static) for flash quick heat-up and negative ions for glossy and smooth hair
  • Ionic technology (which locks in natural oil)
  • Dual voltage settings
  • 30-second heat up
  • Changeable temperature settings for all hair types
  • Temperature can go from 230 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Negative Phases

  • Absence of Tourmaline

Ceramic is the most used material for barrel plates all over the world but most of the cheap flat irons are made of the ceramic coating. In the irons that are coated with ceramic you do not get pure ceramic for healthy hair rather you get metal covered by ceramic which damages hair. The floating plates of Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener are made of pure ceramic that can distribute heat evenly to all of your hair and eradicates most of the frizz while straightening. The ceramic plate gets hot and stays hot and are gentle to you hair, if your hair is already damaged then it is better to use ceramic other than titanium as titanium damages already damaged hair. Coarse and thick hair goes perfectly with ceramic irons.

Containing infrared heater that removes static, Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener is perfect to give you flash quick heat-up. It keeps your hair frizz-free and negative ion preserves the super glossy look saving hair from being dull. The ionic technology locks in the natural oil of hair so your hairdo don’t look burned-up.

The dual or worldwide voltage allows you to use it in any country. This has been a problem for the worldwide users that even if they wanted to buy a flat iron they cannot because every iron does not support worldwide voltage and using it with an adapter can entirely destroy the product. But Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener resolves this problem and provides worldwide voltage.

30 seconds heat-up makes your straightening work faster. As thin hair needs less heat and thick hair needs high heat so the adjustable temperature of the iron from 230F-450F makes it flawless for all hair types.

The only nit-pick about the technical part of this iron is the absence of Tourmaline that is nowadays the best material for flat iron. Tourmaline lessens damage more than ceramic does.

Overall View of Technical Attitude

Ceramic is the best element for thick, coarse and a bit damaged hair. If you have thin and damaged free hair then you can go for other straighteners of Karmin containing Tourmaline and if you have already damaged coarse or thick hair then go for ceramic which will supply you with better outcomes.

Not being perfect for all but for a selected group is acceptable.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4.5/5, technically generous

Attachment stance

Attachment stance Of Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener

Positive Phases

  • 3-meter long swivel cord
  • Carrying case/heat mat

Negative Phases

  • Absence of hanging tag

The Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener has a swivel or rotating cord of 3 meters and provides carrying case or heat mat. As the carrying case helps you to store the iron and travel with it with no trouble, it also keeps the counter protected from excessive heat.

The objection with the device is that it has no tag added for hanging the iron.

Overall View of Attachment Stance

Karmin does not offer you a hanging tag for easy hanging, but the carrying case combo if enough to hold the iron and it also aids you in storing the iron if you use it occasionally. Every river has two sides and negative sides should be ignored if positive sides are too much strong.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4.5/5, ample quantity of equipment

Caring standpoint

By Ceramic Technology

Ceramic technology is the most used technology in the flat iron world from the very beginning. The best part about Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener is it uses pure ceramic, not a ceramic coating. And the pure ceramic provides heat ceramic heat, ceramic heat refers to even and equal distribution of heat to all the hair. This ensures that each and every hair is provided heat and is straighten. Ceramic heat certifies that you get enduring straight strands which can last long till you wash the hair.

Ceramic is such a technology that would match your hair seamlessly if your hair is more or less damaged. Usually, if you use any other material on your damaged hair then the hair will be damaged more and that’s the reason why you should select ceramic heat technology for the safety of the hair. The ceramic heaters of the handy Karmin Salon Series Straightener provide strong heat-beam to the hair for straightening it faster than ever so that you can get straight long-term strands.

By Infrared Heat and Ionic Technology

Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener owns the renowned far infrared heating method along with ionic technology. They together fight frizzy and dry hair leaving shine and smoothness in the hair. The far infrared heat can lock in the natural moisture of your hair and so your hair doesn’t turn out to be dry. As positive ions make hair dull, unhealthy and crimp the Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener provides negative ion to your hair to keep them healthy and moveable.

If you are concerned with healthy, frizz free, moveable and sleek straight hair then Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener is the one which will make your hair sparkle.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, Professional in caring

Safety outlook

Safety outlook Of Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener

  • Automatic shut-off feature after 60 minutes of using
  • Flexible temperature with heat-up settings for curly, thin, straight, kinky, frizzy, thick or coarse hair

The Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener is immaculate for the pioneering feature when it comes to the matter of safety of the users. The iron supplies you 60-minute automatic sleep mode that will definitely be a cure to the people who are not much careful about devices. People often switch on the irons and after using it they forget to switch it off which can cause damage to the straightener, even any accident can happen if they are not concerned. But with Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener you get auto shut-off, use the device and forget about switching it off because this Karmin iron itself will do your job.

Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener cares for the users and so they bring flexible temperature for all sort of hair. For the safety of your hair, you can change temperature settings. If it is thin then you can choose low temperature if it is thick or coarse then you can go for high temperature. But according to experts, you should always keep the temperature under 400 degrees Fahrenheit for the sake of your healthy hair.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, perfect in protection

Durability, Warranty, and other major facts

Positive Phases

  • 3 years warranty
  • Goes for long hair and short hair
  • Quick heat up in 30 seconds only

Negative Phases

  • Expensive
  • Wet hair may cause damage

The Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener gives you a warranty of 3 years and in this three years if any part of the device misbehaves then Karmin will solve the problem. No other flat iron brand provides 3 long year warranty which itself indicated that you are not wasting your money, rather it is an investment!

The Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener is the only flat iron by Karmin that gives you two different barrel diameters so that you can straight long and short hair in the equal time. For long hair you do not need to use 1-inch barrel, you can select 1.5-inch barrel of this series and can go for long straight hair in less time. Other than that, this iron gets heated up in only 30 seconds which is certainly needed in your busy schedule.

The chief negative phase of this iron is the price! This iron seems too much expensive for the buyers to buy. If they want to buy it even then they cannot afford this much to pay for a flat iron.

Before using the iron please read the provided instruction booklet cautiously. Your hair may burn if you use the iron in wet hair so always use it on dry hair with the protection of hair serum and hair sprays.

Overall view of durability, warranty & other major facts

Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener is a no-no for wet hair so you can do nothing without being alert about this if you do not want hair-burn.

In spite of being perfect in almost all standard, the price of this iron beats all, and that’s the IRONY of the product.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 3/5, inconceivably expensive

Recommended for

Different women have different hair textures so it is not possible for a straightener to satisfy each of them. Women having short or medium hair can choose 1 inch and if you have long hair then go for 1.5 inches. More than thin hair, this flat iron suits well in coarse or thick hair. Excessive heat may cause damage to thin hair so if you want to use it in thin hair then choose quality hair serum and conditioner for protecting from damage.

Hair that is already damaged goes perfectly for this iron. But is you have fine hair that is totally damaged free then do not select ceramic based iron.

Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener
Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener 1 and 1.5 Inch

Product Name: Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener

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  • 8.9/10
    Overall Rating by Author - 8.9/10


This flat iron by Karmin is best suited for long and short both hair length and if your hair is damaged then this iron goes perfectly. If you do not keep the temperature low then this iron may behave wrong for thin hair.

You can select Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron if you have damage free hair. Overlooking the price of this flat iron and clinging to the qualities and technologies we will certainly recommend Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener.

Good: Brilliant technology for all hair type
Bad: Costly
Bottom line: A grade features with high-class quality

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